Mobile Development


Turn your idea into a mobile app!

At Baboon Media we are experts in mobile development of native apps for iOS and Android.

Anyone with a blank canvas and some crayons can try to do a painting. But not everybody is Picasso. Creating and app can seem very straight forward, and you could find dozens even hundreds of companies who build them, but, how good are they?


The creativity in the design and the mastery in the execution is the secret. And this is what separates a mediocre app with a poor design, from a highly functional app that becomes a great user experience.

High Quality Mobile Apps

Our clients are not only satisfied by the quality of our work, but also because we work in a really efficient matter. The size of the app doesn’t matter, we dedicate the same amount of effort and love to every app we create. Design, user experience and quality are always our goals.

Initial Consultation

We give FREE initial consultation to create a development strategy and budget based on your ideas and needs.

App Design

Our focus is to create apps that are both functional and really well designed around your company brand.

Native Development

All our apps are native (not HTML based) and we use Titanium by Appcelerator to create them.

Prototype & Testing

With continuos prototypes that allow us to test the app in real time, we can adjust and tweak the user experience.

App Publishing

Once complete, we will submit your app for review to the App Store and Play Store.


360 Service

We know that our clients look for longterm solutions, and there is alway the worry about maintenance, support, new feature development and bug fixing. That’s why we have our 360 service.

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